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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,9 +1,11 @@ # clp -clp writes input files to stdout with syntax highlighting. +clp writes input files to stdout with syntax highlighting. I wrote it to fill fzf's preview window. It aims to be relatively fast, provide wide language support, and be easy to extend with new languages. It currently supports 150 languages. +![clpm]( + Language support is implemented with LPEG, a tool developed by PUC which uses parsing expression grammars to improve upon traditional regex parsers (described in depth in [this article]( @@ -58,9 +60,9 @@ Highlight a non-blank line ## Motivation -clp runs faster than other command line syntax highlighting programs. When used -as a previewer for a fuzzy finder in a project with large source files, it can -make a very perceptible difference. Quick benchmarks on my machine (clp +I intended clp to fill fzf's preview window, so I wanted it to be fast and support a large number of languages. + +Here are some quick benchmarks comparing similar programs running on my machine (clp installed with LuaJIT, highlighting [sqlite3.c](