command line program to help solve wordle puzzles
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2022-02-03 14:59refactor logic to get filtered words out of the main loopjpe1+12-11
2022-02-03 14:26remove unneeded clonesjpe1+6-12
2022-02-02 21:44Implement suggested simplifications and tag spots for improvementjpe2+8-4
2022-02-02 18:56Embed strings directly in binary (thanks scottmcm!)jpe2+857-859
2022-02-02 09:04add license and update readmejpe2+23-0
2022-02-01 20:42add readmejpe1+3-0
2022-02-01 19:53remove old commentsjpe1+0-2
2022-02-01 19:50initial commitjpe4+1209-0